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In Memory Of

This webpage is dedicated to those men and women who are no longer with us in our Hamilton West community - but will remain in our hearts and in our memories forever.
Each of these persons were valuable members of our community and are being missed by those who knew them here at Hamilton West.
If you are reading this page and know of other deceased Hamilton West residents whose families and friends would like to see them remembered on our website, please contact us. We will be proud to add them too.
A.B. and I moved to Hamilton West March 2006 – I’ve always said it was the 2nd wisest thing I ever did – 1st being marrying A.B.  Having a history of maintaining the most perfect yard of the neighborhood, it was somewhat of a adjustment for him to watch the lawn maintenance weekly. 
He soon discovered that he could “adopt” an area or two to personally watch over – mainly the gate entrance.   Several times a week he visited the oval to make sure it was adequately watered, all shrubs evenly trimmed and even selected the altheas that are planted inside the gate. 
One day our grandson was being driven in the gate and observed Jim Utsey working in the oval and said, “what’s that man doing in Granpa’s garden?”    He also volunteered to be the on-site sprinkler repairman.  He monitored, adjusted and replaced many sprinkler heads throughout our complex. 
Written by Ann Allen 9/4/13              

Grady & I moved to Hamilton West in August 2004, enjoying every day we lived here.  His health prohibited him from being actively involved outside, but he was probably the best cheerleader HW ever had.  He thoroughly enjoyed all the social activities and wore his usual sweet smile.
Grady hosted Monday night poker for the same group, which included our builder Sam Mazayek!  They called him the god-father.  Everyone who knew him loved him.
Written by Bettie Cole 9/5/13
Ted and I moved to Hamilton West in June 2006.  We moved back to Texas  after being gone for about 20 years.  Ted had been in the insurance business (employee benefits) for over 50 years . He loved moving closer to our children and we loved our weekends exploring East Texas. 
When Ted became the Grounds Committee chairman, we began to immediately meet many of the residents of Hamilton West.   Ted had something good to say about everyone all the time.  One of the funniest tales he would tell everyone was that one of our neighbors rang our doorbell one day and when Ted answered the door, there was a lady standing there with one hand full of snails and one hand full of weeds and she said, “I want to know what you are going to do about these!”   He just took them from her and she walked off, leaving him standing there with his hands full.  I laughed for days.
Written by Sue Lowes 9/5/13
Don Ritschel served on our Board of Directors as Treasurer and was an active member of our Association. He holds a very special place in our hearts.
Don and Sue Ritschel moved to Hamilton West in 2006.   Don was asked fill a unexpired term on the Board in 2009 and continued to serve until 2013 when he resigned due to health issues. He loved to get together with friends and neighbors. We enjoyed his wonderful pancakes when he and Harry Ebbeson decided to cook and serve them for breakfast at our clubhouse.


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